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Licensing Forms and Documents for Providers


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To download a document, right-click the link to save it to your hard drive. You can also click the link directly to open it. Read the DEL licensing policies and procedures that guide our licensing work.

General Licensed Child Care Forms

Nonexpiring License

Background Check Forms

Certificate of Immunization Status Form

Certificate of Exemption

Child Care Agreement

Child Care Registration Form

Daily Attendance Records

Exception Request Form

Fire Safety

Tamper Resistant Receptacles - Childproofing Done Right PDF
For more information, see the Office of the State Fire Marshal's page Fire Inspection Process for Child Care Centers

Child Injury/Incident Report

Parental Notification Letters

Proposed Capacity Determination

Recall Statement Form

Reconsideration Request Form

School-Based and Military Certification for Payment-Only Request Form

Tribal Certification Request Letter

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School-Age and Center Provider Forms

Child Care Center Director/Program Supervisor Notice of Change

Child Care Center Feasibility Checklist

Child Care Center Full Checklist

Child Care Center Abbreviated Checklist

Center Licensing Application

Licensing Application form for centers. You must attend DEL orientation before submitting a licensing application.

School-Age Licensing Application

Licensing Application form for school-age facilities and programs. You must attend DEL orientation before submitting a licensing application.

Center and School-Age Application for Employment

School-Age Checklists

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Family Home Provider Forms

Family Home Liability Insurance Exemption

Family Home Licensing Application

Licensing Checklist form for Family Home Child Care. You must attend DEL orientation before submitting a licensing application.

Family Home Full Checklist

Family Home Abbreviated Checklist

Family Home Permission Authorization

Parent/guardian permission authorization form for family home child care.

Family Home Provider/Assistant Resume Form

Family Home Request to Change Capacity

Family Home Plan to Meet the Special Needs of an Individual Child

Family Home Written Plan for Bodies of Water

Family Home Written Plan for Dangerous or Aggressive Pet or Animal

Family Home Written Plan for Licensee Absence

Family Home Multiple Licenses Request Form

Family Home Off-Site Permission Authorization for Occasional Trips

Family Home Inspection of Fireplaces, Wood Stoves, or Similar Wood-Burning Heating Devices

Family Home Request for Fire Department Visit

Family Home Declaration of Items in Unlicensed Space

Family Home Medication Log

Family Home Medication Permission Form

Family Home No Social Security Card Declaration Form

Family Home Overnight Care Request

Family Home Safety Record and Evacuation Plan

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Licensing guides

Family Home Child Care Licensing Guide

Guide to licensing rules and laws for family home child care providers; includes resources and templates. View ordering information for these guides.

Child Care Center Licensing Guidebook

Guide to licensing rules and laws for child care centers. View ordering information for this guide.

Licensed Child Care in Washington State: A Guide for Child Care Providers

An overview of the child care licensing process in Washington.

Licensing action information

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News and information

Licensed family home child care providers may earn an initial state certificate to satisfy the high school diploma/GED requirement.
List of crimes that permanently disqualify an individual to have unsupervised access to children; and crimes that disqualify a person to have unsupervised access to children until five years have passed since the date of the conviction. 
Memorandum of Understanding to clarify the Department's policy as to the employment of blind and visually impaired workers at child care facilities.
A question and answer document about DEL's electronic licensing forms.
Notice to providers explaining the shortage of Ipecac in Washington State.
Window Blind Information
Questions and answers on use of window coverings in licensed child care in accordance with RCW 43.215.360.


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