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Early Learning Partnerships Publications


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Early Learning Partnerships

A timeline of the first five years of the partnership between Thrive by Five Washington and Department of Early Learning


Invitation to Apply for a Scholarship and Stipend


A letter from Governor Chris Gregoire to Superintendent Randy Dorn and DEL Director Bette Hyde outlining her expectations and timeline to bring a proposal forward that would ensure all Washington children have the benefit of early childhood education.


A PowerPoint presentation given by DEL Director Bette Hyde to the South Washington Prekindergarten Institute (ESD 105) on August 5, 2009.


Letter from Superintendent Randy Dorn and DEL Director Bette Hyde announcing Kelli Bohanon will serve as the director of early learning for OSPI, as well as manager of the Head Start State Collaboration Office (HSSCO) at DEL. 

Head Start-State Collaboration Office

Provides an overview of public early childhood education programs in Washington state. 

Infant/Toddler Systems and Services

Department OF Early Learning (DEL) Infant & Toddler Systems & Services Outcome Map, Three Year Plan (2010-2013).


Department OF Early Learning (DEL) Infant & Toddler Systems & Services Outcome Map, Three Year Plan 2010-2013, Partnerships & Mobilization Detail.


Infant toddler Early Intervention Program Presentation.


DEL Infant & Toddler “Layer Cake” of Outcome-Based Planning and Evaluation Components.


Timeline for DEL Infant & Toddler Outcome-Based Planning and Evaluation.


System-Level Infant & Toddler Systems and Services Outcome Map, Three Year Plan (2010-2013).


Statewide webinar on DEL's strategy for improving the quality of care for infants and toddlers and their families.


Characteristics of children age birth to three in Washington State presentation by Washington KIDS COUNT.


More than 70 representatives from across the state to think across four infant toddler related perspectives: policy, practice, research and the experience of parents.


Professional Development Consortium

A list of those invited to participate in the Professional Development Consortium.


Legislative Updates


Professional Development Consortium Handouts

Core Competency Work Messages: English Spanish

Talking Points: English Spanish


Professional Development Consortium Meeting Documents


Steering Committee Meeting Minutes