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WCCC rule revisions - Special Needs Rates and Units of Care


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Units of Care

DEL amended WAC 170-290-0190 to establish units of care thresholds for Working Connections child care that require DSHS supervisor approval.  The amendment will also limit family, friends, and neighbor child care providers' authorizations under the 110-hour rule when the child needs less than five hours of care per day.  This rule making will ensure that authorizations for full-time care are right-sized to fit families' care needs and prevent provider billing errors.

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Final rules - effective date:  September 24, 2017

Special Needs Rates

Rule amendments take effect October 1 that improve program delivery for families who qualify for special needs subsidy rates.  The amendment removed duplicative requirements to produce verifying documents for review or when changing providers, if the child's condition has been verified to be life-long and not improving.

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Final rules - effective date:  October 1, 2017