Working Connections Child Care & Seasonal Child Care Subsidy Programs - Electronic Attendance Project


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Licensed child care providers who participate in the child care subsidy program will soon be required to use an electronic attendance system to track attendance of the children in their program who receive subsidized care.  DEL is developing rules to establish the requirement and consequences for failing to do so.  Use of the electronic attendance system is expected to streamline provider attendance tracking and improve recordkeeping and retention for child care providers.  DEL expects benefits, too, in the form of fewer improper provider payments and better tracking of children who particpate in the program.  July 1, 2018 is the target date for required use of the electronic attendance system.

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How to comment on the Subject of possible rulemaking:

  1. Online: DEL Rules Comment webpage. Click “Add Comment” to give your input, or “View Comments" to read what others have said.
  2. Email the DEL Rules Coordinator 
  3. By postal mail: 

                                Attn: Rules Coordinator
                                Washington State Department of Early Learning
                                PO Box 40970
                                Olympia, WA 98504-0970

Interested in learning more about DEL rules? Receive information about current rules, draft rules and notices of rule changes: