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DEL's Director's List


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On July 14, 2016, DEL filed a preproposal statement of inquiry anticipating the possibility of making significant revisions to WAC 170-06 to improve its Director’s list of disqualifying crimes and other associated processes. Revisions may include changes, including additions or deletions, to the director’s list, the creation of different types of disqualification time periods and changes to the reconsideration and disqualification rules and their processes. The revisions promote the continued health and safety of children in early learning settings and will ensure compliance with RCW 9.96A.020. DEL may filed proposed rules on these subjects after consideration of input received as a result of the Preproposal Statement of Inquiry.

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How to comment on the Subject of possible rulemaking:

  1. Online: DEL Rules Comment webpage. Click “Add Comment” to give your input, or “View Comments" to read what others have said.
  2. Email the DEL Rules Coordinator 
  3. By postal mail: 

                                Attn: Rules Coordinator
                                Washington State Department of Early Learning
                                PO Box 40970
                                Olympia, WA 98504-0970

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