Support for FFN providers


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When they're not with their parents, children spend more time in the care of family, friends and neighbors than in formal child care settings. About 50 percent of Washington’s young children are cared for primarily by a parent, while 15 percent are cared for informally by a family member, friend or neighbor. Learn more in the Washington State Parent Needs Assessment.

Family, friends and neighbor (FFN) providers are instrumental in the healthy development of children. When FFN providers learn more about healthy child development and early learning, plan activities ahead of time, and ask for help and support of other providers, they affect children's development in positive ways

While FFN care is different in many ways than other, more formal child care, certain things are common to all good child care options, no matter the setting. First and foremost, high-quality child care offers a safe, healthy, fun place for children! Learn more about
quality in FFN care settings.

Some research and information about FFN care: