DEL Rules (WAC) Under Development


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To help ensure Washington's children are safe, the Department of Early Learning (DEL) partners with parents, child care providers, and others involved in early childhood education to write rules to help protect and nurture children.



DEL semiannual rules agenda

DEL prepares a semiannual rules agenda each January and July with current and planned DEL rulemaking activity. Read More >




Working Connections & Seasonal Child Care Subsidy Programs  - Electronic Attendance

Child care providers will soon be required to use a digital attendance system to track children in their care who participate in the subsidy program.   Read more >

Working Connections & Seasonal Child Care Subsidy Programs  - Enforcement

DEL is creating rules that will establish consequences for intentional program violations, including potential ineligibility for client benefits and provider payment.  Read more >

Promoting Program Integrity for Working Connections & Seasonal Child Care Subsidy Programs

DEL is developing rules to strengthen internal controls within Washington State's child care subsidy programs.  Read more >

Child Care Subsidy Wait List

WAC 170-290-2210 is being updated to reflect the 2017 Legislature's changes to priority groups that will not be placed on a wait list should the need for subsidized child care exceed program capacity.  Read more >

Public Records - Fees

DEL is implementing EHB 1595, including clarifying charging information, explaining when fee waivers may be allowed, and better explaining payment requirements.  Read more >

Working Connections Child Care - Increasing Rates for Child Care Centers

Child care center rates increased September 1.  Read more >

DEL's Director's List

DEL plans to make revisions to its Director’s List and associated processes. Read more >

Family, Friends and Neighbors Program

DEL anticipates creating a Family, Friends and Neighbors Program WAC Chapter. Read more >

DEL Implements The Early Start Act

The Early Start Act was passed during the 2015 legislative session. The law requires the DEL to make significant revisions to the department’s rule chapters. This page will serve as the main source of information on each of those particular rule chapter changes and will be updated as they occur. Read More >

Recently Completed Rule Making

Lead and Environmental Safety

DEL is working to quickly carry out Governor Inslee's directive to reduce exposure to lead and other environmental hazards where children live, learn, and play.  Read More >

Child Care Subsidy Updates - Special Needs Rates and Units of Care

Improving program delivery for families who qualify for special needs rates and ensuring that authorizations for full-time care are right signed to fit families needs and prevent provider billing errors.  Read More >

Child Care Subsidy Updates - Implementing the Family Home Providers 2017-19 Collective Bargaining AGreement and Improving Services for Homeless Families

DEL is updating chapter 170-290 WAC to better provide program services to homeless consumers and implement the change in base rates and provider responsibilities negotiated by family home child care providers for the 2017-19 Collective Bargaining Agreement. Read More >

Infant Safe Sleep Practices

DEL expects to revise its safe sleep practices rule for current health and safety standards. Read More >

Early Support for Infants and Toddlers (ESIT) Program

Permanent rules take effect January 2, 2017 that clarify allowable allocations and expenditures for transition into Part B of the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and support quality service provision under Part C of IDEA. Read more >




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