DEL Child Care Licensing Rules


The Department of Early Learning's (DEL) regulations (also known as rules, Washington Administrative Code, or WAC) set the standards for child care that is licensed or certified by DEL. DEL adopts rules (also known as regulations, Washington Administrative Code, WAC, and administrative law) to set licensing requirements when directed by state law to set specific requirements to help clarify more general laws, or help organize requirements that may be set by both state and federal laws.

See these links for rules for child care licensed or certified by DEL:

The links above will show current permanent rules only. To view pending changes, if any, to these rules and other DEL rulemaking activity, visit DEL Rules Under Development.

Order hard copies of the rules from the Code Reviser's Office for a fee.

View more information about revised family home child care rules WAC 170-296A.

Interested in learning more about DEL rules? You can join an email list or postal mail list to get current information. Email the DEL Rules Coordinator or write to:

DEL Rules Coordinator
Washington State Department of Early Learning
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