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Child Care Licensing Policies and Procedures


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Policies and Procedures

The Department of Early Learning (DEL) is responsible for licensing and monitoring child care facilities around the state to ensure they meet health and safety requirements. We believe our role is to support licensed family home and center child care providers in offering care that is safe, healthy and nurturing for children and families in Washington.

Our licensing work is guided by this belief, as well as by state laws, state rules, which are also called WACs, and our own internal DEL policies and procedures. The policies and procedures are posted here. They are developed and reviewed internally, and our DEL licensing team is trained on them to help ensure consistency in our licensing work around the state.

10.1 General Licensing    
Child Care Certification Policy Procedure
Child Care Check - removing name from background check listings Policy Procedure
Compliance Agreement Policy Procedure
Emergent On-Call Policy Procedure
Fire Inspection Policy Procedure
Initial Full License Policy Procedure
Licensing Policy Development Policy Procedure
Developing Licensing Policy, Procedure and Task Policy Procedure
Monitoring Visit Policy Procedure
No Referral Policy Procedure
Non-expiring License Policy Procedure
On-Site Consultation Referral Policy Procedure
Product Safety Recall Policy Procedure
Supervisory Review Policy Procedure
Window Blind Covering Policy Procedure
Child Fatality and Near Fatality Review  Policy Procedure
10.2 Licensing Action    
Civil Penalties Policy Procedure
Exception Policy Procedure
Probationary License Policy Procedure
Revocation License Policy Procedure
Summary Suspension Policy Procedure
10.3 Complaint Inspections    
Complaint Inspection Policy Procedure
Licensing Complaint Findings Memo  
Safety Plan Policy Procedure
10.4 Unlicensed    
Unlicensed Care Policy Procedure
10.5 Background Checks    
Background Check Verification Policy Procedure
Qualification Policy Procedure
10.6 Communication    
Child Care Orientation Policy Procedure
LCIR Policy Procedure
Reporting Critical Incidents Policy Procedure
Reporting Injuries and Incidents Policy Procedure
Licensing File Consistency Policy Procedure
10.7 Health    
Safe Sleep *NEW* Policy Procedure
Cleaning and Sanitizing Policy Procedure
10.8 Other    
Designation of Authority for Summary Suspension Memo  
Hand Sanitizer Memo  
Inspection versus investigation Memo  
Policy Clarification Memo  
10.9 Forms    
For a list of child care forms, visit the Licensing Forms & Documents section.    
Evaluation of Child Care Orientation Form  
Application Received Form  
Compliance Agreement English Spanish
Declaration of Personal Service Form  
On-Site Consultation and Referral Form Form  
Reconsideration Review Form  
Release of Information Form  
Health Service Request Form  
Proposed Capacity Determination Form  
Provider Safety Recall Statement for Equipment English Spanish
Receipt of Records Removed Letter  
Request for Additional Information Letter  
Safety Plan Agreement  
Supervisory Review Decision Letter  
Supervisory Review Extension Letter  
Unlicensed Care Status Report Form