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Infant and Toddler Safe Sleep Practices


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On December 7, 2016 DEL filed a preposal statement of inquiry in anticipation of incorporating current health and safety standards in its rules that instruct early learning providers on safe sleep practices. 

This rule making is part of a larger effort to develop rules to implement a single set of licensing standards for child care and the early childhood education and assistance program as directed by Section 3, Chapter 7, Laws of 2015, 3rd sp. sess.  The safe sleep related rule making is proceeding separately because DEL believes that rules related to safe sleep standards are critical to the safety of children and need to be enacted before the rule making to align standards is expected to be completed.

Proposed rules were filed February 13, 2017 for publication in the March 1st edition of the State Register.  Comments were accepted through March 23.  The comments received and DEL's responses are compiled in the concise explanatory statement linked below.  The final rules were adopted on April 26 and will take effect May 27, 2017.

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