Just For Kids


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Welcome to the part of our website that is just for Washington kids! This is your spot to learn and have fun. The Department of Early Learning is a place full of people who want you to grow up safe, healthy and learning new things.

Be sure to always have a parent or other grown-up help you whenever you use a computer. He or she will help you find what you’re looking for, answer your questions and make sure you are safe while using the computer.

Note to parents and caregivers: This section of the Department of Early Learning website is designed for young children ages 4 and up to use with the help of a trusted adult. In it, you will find links to many outside resources to help your child be safe and healthy and learn through fun. Look through these links before viewing with your child to make sure they are age-appropriate.

Young children should always have the help of an adult when going online. Now is a good time to start teaching your child how to stay safe while using a computer!

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