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Medicaid Treatment Child Care (MTCC) is an early intervention and prevention program administered by the Department of Early Learning (DEL). The MTCC program serves children 0-5 years old who are at risk of child abuse and neglect and may also be experiencing mental health and/or behavioral issues. MTCC services are provided by two community-based programs in Washington: Childhaven in King County and Catholic Family & Child Services in Yakima County.

In June 2011, the state Legislature transferred MTCC from DSHS Children’s Administration to DEL effective November 1, 2011.

To report suspected or known child abuse or neglect, or for any licensing complaints, call 866-END-HARM (866-363-4276). Learn more about who is required to report child abuse and neglect.

MTCC Services

MTCC services include strength-based assessment, diagnosis, and comprehensive, age-appropriate child- and family-focused medically necessary treatments that teach pro-social skills and reinforce positive interactions.

Once children are authorized to attend the program, MTCC providers assess and diagnose each child. A multidisciplinary team meets to develop measureable and functional outcomes and develops an Individual Treatment Plan (ITP) based on the strengths-based assessment, child’s diagnosis, classroom interests, supportive interactions, and the daily classroom routine. Medically necessary services that may be provided within each child’s ITP, in addition to daily classroom routine activities, include but are not limited to:

  • Physical, speech, occupational therapy.
  • Therapeutic play.
  • Individual counseling for behavior modification.
  • Family counseling.
  • Group therapy, including children and parents.
  • Facilitated psycho-educational groups for caregivers.

MTCC Eligibility

Employees of DSHS' Economic Services Administration (ESA), Children’s Administration (CA) and Public Health (PHN) refer children who are receiving Medicaid and are also at risk of abuse and/or neglect to MTCC. DEL determines children's eligibility and works with Childhaven and Catholic Family & Child Services, the two MTCC providers we contract with.

Eligibility Forms

Parent Survey

For further information on the MTCC Program, please contact:

Veronica Santangelo, MSW

Medicaid Treatment Child Care Administrator