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Safe Sleep


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The Safe Sleep WAC (WAC 170-300-0291) was updated on May 27, 2017, to include new information to ensure health and safety in child care settings.

  • New Safe Sleep WAC Information: Providers must understand and follow the updated WAC for safe sleep.  For more information on WAC implementation, view the Safe Sleep tip sheets:
  • Training Requirements: You do not need to retake your annual Safe Sleep training. Updated content will be available when you complete your next Safe Sleep training renewal. 

New changes require early learning providers caring for infants and toddlers to: 

  • Actively supervise sleeping infants and toddlers.
  • Be within sight and auditory supervision, ensuring ability to monitor breathing.
  • Ensure sufficient lighting in the room where an infant or toddler is sleeping to supervise child.
  • Prevent infants or toddlers from getting too warm while sleeping.
  • Return an infant to his or her back if they roll over on their own while sleeping.
  • Infants may not sleep with loose blankets. Keep all loose blankets out of sleep equipment for infants.  This includes small blankets and comfort items.

Safe Sleep Training Requirement

Safe Sleep training is required and must be renewed annually. New information will be in the content when it is renewed. Existing providers who have already completed their annual Safe Sleep requirement do not need to take the updated Safe Sleep Training until their next annual renewal.


Licensed providers, to meet your annual Safe Sleep requirement, visit

Para cumplir con los requisitos de salud y seguridad para el entrenamiento a dormir seguro, por favor haga clic aqui: DEL Formacion.


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