Tribal Certification Process


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Child care facilities on a federally recognized Indian reservation can receive state child care subsidy payment for eligible children in one of two ways:

  1. The facility is certified by the state as meeting state licensing requirements.
    Learn about the licensing process.

  2. The facility is licensed/certified by the Tribe and certified by the state for payment based on Tribal self-licensing and having an approved federal child care plan.

For option 2, the Tribe would send a letter to the DEL Director requesting state certification for payment and provide a copy of the Tribal licensing standards.
Letter Template from Tribe requesting Certification for Payment Only

The benefits of certification include:

  • DEL technical assistance.

  • DEL monitors compliance with standards.
  • DEL helps assess complaints.
  • Tribal facility can receive child care subsidy payments through DSHS.
For more information on the Tribal certification process, please contact your nearest DEL office.