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Early Intervention Training and Professional Development


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Required Child Outcome Summary (COS) Training Modules 1 - 4

This series of training modules includes detailed information about each activity in the Child Outcome Summary process. Each training module includes a narrated presentation and Power Point slides. Viewers are able to pause each module to participate in the knowledge check and reflection activities. The length of each training module ranges from 30 to 60 minutes.

Module 1 - Setting the Stage: Global Child Outcomes and the Summary of Functional Performance

Module 2 - Learning More about Summary Functional Performance

Module 3 - Essential Knowledge for Completing SFP and COS Rating

Module 4 - Guidance for Completing the SFP and COS Rating

Child Outcome Summary (COS) Quiz

Additional Child Outcome Summary (COS) Training Modules 5 - 6

    Module 5 - Understanding Age-Expected Child Development, Trajectories and Progress

    Module 6, Part 1 - Using COS Data to Inform Program Improvement at All Levels

    Module 6, Part 2 - Using COS Data to Inform Program Improvement at All Levels

    Child and Family Outcomes Materials

  • At-a-Glance Descriptor Statements - Decision Tree
  • Child Outcomes Summary process in new ESIT DMS
  • Child Outcomes Integrated into IFSP – Example 1
  • Child Outcomes Integrated into IFSP – Example 2
  • ECO note-taking document and prompts
  • COSF discussion prompts
  • Family Outcomes Brochure; English
  • Family Outcomes Brochure; Spanish
  • Using a Family-Centered IFSP Process for Developing Functional IFSP Outcomes presentation
  • Consensus
  • COS Review Sheet
  • Practice Guides

    Practice Guide Materials for Infants and Toddlers with Sensory Disabilities (Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Blind/Visually Impaired, or Deaf-Blind)

    Practice Guide Materials for Medical Homes and Primary Care



    Federal resources

    Evaluations and Assessments

    ESIT presentations