Negotiated Rule Making and Public Comment Process


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DEL is required by statute RCW 34.05.320 to organize a public comments process, as well as negotiate rules with the Family Home Providers’ union on behalf of represented family child care licensees, and include all other affected parties in this negotiation. DEL has created a robust plan to engage the early learning community in the public comments process, and to negotiate with the various affected parties in this situation, including Child Care Centers, ECEAP and Head Start providers, and Families. 

Affected parties have a number of options for involvement in both processes, including reviewing the rules and providing comments as individuals (via an online Public Comments Portal), connecting with their designated organizing entity (see below) or participating in an Alignment Café. Public comments received during the NRM will be considered during the formal negotiations of the affected parties. 

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Negotiated Rulemaking Meetings

To attend the next set of meetings as a member of the public, please fill out this survey and you will be contacted by an organizer with more details:
Below are the dates and locations of the negotiation meetings as well as the categories of rules to be discussed at each meeting. To view materials from meetings that have already taken place, click on the meeting date and locations link listed below. To view the proposed rules, click on the category sections.

Continued from June - August:

  • Child Outcomes
  • Family Engagement and Partnerships
  • Professional Development
  • Program Administration and Oversight



Measuring Consensus


November 17-19
Spokane, Washington

Measuring Consensus



Some of the guiding principles of the NRM process:

  • Decisions are made by consensus and participants understand that consensus means support for or at least acceptance of the proposed rule.
  • All positions and agreements on specific issues are tentative and may be modified until there is a final decision on an acceptable package that addresses all issues.
  • Constituents may have to ratify decisions agreed to by their representatives at the negotiating table and that all parties, including DEL representatives, may have to seek approval from organization representatives who have final decision making authority.
  • Ensure adequate, equitable, and diverse representation per state-wide data. 

Public comment process for NMR


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NRM groups providing input

  • Center providers will be coordinated by Thrive Washington. Stakeholders, e.g. CCA, Early Learning Regional Coalitions, local Center Directors’ groups, etc. will provide support engaging all types of center providers.
  • Families/Parents will be coordinated by Child Care Aware. Stakeholders, e.g. DEL Parent Advisory Group (PAG), WSA Parents Ambassadors team, Thrive, etc. will provide support.
  • ECEAP/HS will be organized by WSA. Stakeholders, e.g. CCA, Thrive, Early Learning Regional Coalitions, local Center Directors’ groups, etc. will provide support engaging all types of ECEAP/HS providers.
  • Family Home providers will be coordinated by SEIU. Thrive, CCA and WSA will provide support engaging all family home providers. 
  • DEL team will be coordinated by the licensing division; includes licensors, supervisors, regional administrators, health specialists, licensing analysts, and technical assistance specialists.