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Early Achievers

CQEL’s Early Achievers Coach Model

A Coach Support Team exists within CQEL and works to train and provide ongoing professional development for Early Achievers coaches. The Coach Model has been informed by research on effective coaching practices for early educators, best practices in the area of cultural competence, and research on the importance of resilience as an aspect of adult and child success in school and beyond. The Coach Support Team works with Early Achievers coaches across Washington State to provide initial training on the Coach Model, as well as ongoing development in the form of monthly webinars, individual consultation, intensive trainings, and internships. Click here to visit CQEL’s Coaching webpage.
Click here to download the Early Achievers Coaching Framework document.

ECEAP Coaching Toolkit

This information is for Early Achievers coaches who support ECEAP classrooms. Visit the ECEAP Coaching Toolkit web page, where you’ll find web links to recorded Coach Webinars. Additional handouts and resources, specific to the CLASS and ERS tools, are also available here. For assistance, contact your assigned ECEAP Pre-K Specialist.

Child Care Aware of Washington Coaching

With years of experience in child development, early education and adult learning, Child Care Aware of Washington offers various professional development opportunities and also supports providers through its own Early Achievers Coaching services. Click here to view a map and find contact information for each of the six Child Care Aware regions in Washington.

Coaching Companion

The Childcare Quality & Early Learning (CQEL) Coaching Companion is a web-based application designed to support Early Achievers coaching efforts. Any Early Achievers coach or provider who is interested, ready, and has the technology requirements to use the Coaching Companion is welcome to do so. Coaches will also have access to a training calendar containing upcoming trainings for coaches provided by CQEL, CCA, DEL, and additional partners as appropriate. Coaches and providers may do this before or after a facility rating. The Coaching Companion is a resource for coaching, so coaches should use it with providers who are ready and interested to use this tool. Coaches should not require providers to use the Coaching Companion. If you do not have an active MERIT account, contact the CQEL Coaching Companion admin at with the first name, last name, and email address for the new user, and an invitation will be emailed to that address.

Filming Interactions to Nurture Development (FIND)

Filming Interactions to Nurture Development (FIND) is a video coaching program that aims to strengthen positive interactions between caregivers and children. FIND is currently being implemented as part of Early Achievers. This project involves training Infant Toddler Consultants as FIND coaches. These coaches engage child care providers in the FIND program to promote serve and return interactions in the child care setting. Video editing is provided by specially trained staff at Children’s Home Society of Washington (CHSW). Consultation is currently provided by the FIND Development Team and, over the course of the project, the CHSW team will be trained as consultants in order to ensure long-term local capacity for sustainable implementation.


Coaching Companion Resources

For technical support, or to delete a Coaching Companion account, contact the CQEL Coaching Companion admin at