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Electronic Attendance System


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This webpage will no longer be updated after June 30, 2018. For the latest information on the electronic attendance system, visit:

Electronic Attendance System

All providers who accept Working Connections or Seasonal Child Care subsidy payments will be required to use an electronic attendance system by July 1, 2018. DEL has purchased a system from vendor Controltec, which is free for providers to use, or providers may select another DEL-approved system. For more information on DEL-approved electronic attendance systems, visit the Approved Attendance Systems list. 

New! Updates to the implementation timeline

DEL recognizes the hard work and effort from providers working towards full incorporation of the new electronic attendance system into their business practices. While the electronic attendance rules still go into effect on July 1, 2018, the timeline has been updated to ensure providers have more time to access the tools and resources they need to gain additional confidence and skill with using the new system.

  • For providers already using the system, we thank you and encourage your continued use of the system.
  • For providers in progress towards full use of the system offered by DEL, we are committed to your successful implementation of the system.
  • If you are using your own approved attendance system, please send your name, SSPS Number, and the name of the system you are using to

For providers using the system offered by DEL, there are several steps to take to work towards submitting complete attendance records each month. The updated timeline has the specifics (English | Espanol | Soomali).

Now is the time to complete Electronic Attendance Training!

Electronic Attendance System training is now available in multiple languages and delivery methods across the State. 
To find training in your preferred region, language and delivery method, visit for training dates and additional support. 

Electronic attendance system now live

Starting July 1, 2018, all providers accepting Working Connections Child Care subsidies will be required to track attendance using an electronic attendance system.

This new requirement applies to child care centers, family home child care providers, and Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN) providers.
Providers have the option to use DEL’s Electronic Attendance System or another DEL-approved electronic system. DEL is implementing this new system to improve how we track children’s participation in child care. The system will track, store, and report on child attendance to support provider billing. The system will save providers time, cost taxpayers less, and reduce attendance inaccuracies.

For more information on the new requirements and the electronic attendance system, visit the DEL blog.

Applying for the $200.00 Technology Incentive

The last day to apply for the technology incentive is June 30, 2018. This incentive is not available to center providers. 

DEL and SEIU 925 negotiated and agreed upon a $200.00 technology incentive. This incentive is a one-time payment per Licensed Family Home Child Care or Family, Friend and Neighbor Provider to assist with costs associated with purchasing the internet or devices for the electronic attendance system. Providers must be registered in MERIT and complete the electronic attendance training to request the incentive. This incentive is first-come, first-serve for the first 5,000 providers. To apply for this incentive please click here to access the link.

Once the application (survey) is completed, DEL reviews the request. To meet eligibility, the provider must be a Licensed Family Home or Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN) provider, have completed the electronic attendance training, be enrolled in MERIT and have an active Working Connections Child Care or Seasonal Child Care authorization. DEL has 60 days to pay the incentive, which starts after the provider meets the eligibility requirements. The payment will be made by SSPS and the provider will not have to claim the incentive on an invoice.     

Creating an Electronic Child Care Attendance System

Tracking attendance of children participating in Washington’s child care subsidy program is currently done on paper forms, creating a complicated and confusing process for families, providers, and the State. It can also result in incorrect payments to providers. In response to state audits regarding billing accuracy, DEL is implementing an improved attendance system.
DEL has purchased an electronic attendance system to simplify and improve how we track children’s participation in child care. The electronic system works on smartphones, tablets, and computers in a child care provider’s place of business. The system tracks, stores, and reports on child attendance to support provider billing. The electronic system is easier to use and more accurate.
The goals of the Attendance Project are:
  • Replace the manual paper attendance system used by most providers with a modern, off-the-shelf, cloud-based software.
  • Reduce the amount of time that providers and State workers spend tabulating attendance hours.
  • Reduce billing inaccuracies and overpayments with internal controls over child care payments.
  • Implement the new system in a manner that supports providers’ different comfort levels with technology.

Attendance System goes live for Early Adopters

On February 1, 2018, DEL launched the Electronic Attendance System for about 200 Early Adopters. The Early Adopters is a group of volunteers who are representative of the subsidy child care system across Washington. This launch marks an on-time initial release of the system after months of development by DEL and software company Controltec. With the goal of a successful rollout for Washington providers, DEL will work to refine the training materials and delivery methods in advance of the full rollout of the system in March 2018 for all subsidy providers.
This initial release of the Electronic Attendance System is a significant accomplishment for DEL and Controltec and puts the Department on track for an on-time rollout. Trainings on the new system will open to all subsidy providers in March. You can keep updated on the latest information on the Electronic Attendance System on the DEL website:

Project Timing and Major Activities

Starting July 1, 2018, all providers who accept child care subsidies will be required to keep attendance using an electronic attendance system. Trainings for the DEL Electronic Attendance System will be open to all subsidy providers beginning March 1.
The electronic attendance project has three main phases:
Planning and Procurement
This includes reviewing various off-the-shelf products with child care providers and parents to get a better sense of the options, and surveying providers on their current systems and access to technology. A formal Request for Proposals and procurement process is how the final product will be chosen. This will include an evaluation of how easy the systems are to use. We're pleased to announce that DEL has signed a contract with a company called Controltec to provide us with our system!
Configuring the System at DEL
Even though we are not building a new product from scratch, it will take some time to make small adjustments to suit DEL’s needs, to coordinate the electronic attendance system with the child care subsidy programs, and to ensure that DEL staff and trainers understand how to use the program well.
Training Providers and Deploying State-wide
DEL understands that a new process and technology can’t be simply handed out without any supports. In phases, DEL will train providers on the new system, ensuring that trainings are delivered in a variety of ways and languages. Beginning in January 2018 we will start with an "early adopters" phase of the system roll-out. This will give us the opportunity to test out our training and deployment methods with a small cross-section of providers before the full roll-out. Then, with lessons learned from the effort, we'll conduct training and make the system available to all providers from late February through March. 
Learning Labs
Have you already taken the training and need more hands-on support? Join a Learning Lab!
Attendance Project Documents
Provider Postcard: English | Español | Soomali
Family Brochure: English | Español | Soomali
Provider Brochure: English | Español | Soomali
Attendance Project FAQs: English | Español | Soomali
EAS Approved Systems
This list is updated regularly and may not include all compatible systems. If your system is not on the list, please follow the instructions on this form: EAS Approved Systems Checklist.
Compatible Tablets
The KinderSign application is officially supported on Android 5.0+ devices or Apple iOS 9.0+ devices. The tablet must also have a rear-facing camera. Note: The Kindle and Kindle Fire usually will not work with the system since they do not have access to the Google Play store by default.
Provider Invoice Messages
February 20: EnglishEspañol | Soomali
March 21: EnglishEspañol | Soomali
April 20: EnglishEspañol | Soomali
June 21: English | Español | Soomali
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